Fight Hunger and 

Extreme Poverty.

Promote Community Granary initiative

Rural attics or granaries for cereal conservation.


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People's problems are ours.

Hands Helping Humanity International

The non-profit organization Hands Helping Humanity-International grew from the desire of  Dr. Kokouvi M. Peter Oni to help women and children facing life most challenging situations including but not limited to  extreme poverty and hunger, and other related scourges as well, especially in developing countries. 

After over two decades of real-life experience with several multinational relief and development agencies in countries most affected by wars, internal conflicts and natural calamities,
Kokouvi came to the conclusion that, children along with their mothers constitute the full potential of human investment and efforts for a social change. His thoughts have been supported by a couple of dynamic women with similar charitable backgrounds that together gave birth to this non-profit organization “Hands Helping Humanity-International” in January 2008.

We have optionally chosen to implement our pilot phase projects / programs in Lane County and in Africa. Three countries have been assessed since 2005 in Africa and host our pilot program of  BUWAY I- Solutions (BIS): Ghana, Benin and Togo. .   

Where We Do It ?

To help women and children in the local communities of the United States and the developing countries improve their living standard and provide them with new educational and economic opportunities .

Our Misson